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SeaClean is a new system that is proven to solve generator soot problems on yachts
DeAngelo Marine Exhaust has been installing the SeaClean System on MegaYachts since 2012.
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Our Technology

The SeaClean Difference
THE SeaClean DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER SYSTEM is a custom engineered solution to stop diesel engine soot at its source. EnerYacht and DeAngelo will design and install a complete turnkey system that is guaranteed to function perfectly and outperform any other system on the market.
The SeaClean Exhaust Treatment system is able to capture over 95 percent of the soot and other materials in a diesel engine's exhaust flow. These materials would otherwise be discharged into the atmosphere, the water, and onto your yacht's hull.

How SeaClean does it better...

DPF filters have been used for many years on generator exhaust outlets, with some success, but increasingly also with many failures. The key to success is in keeping the diesel exhaust temperature high enough to guarantee regeneration in the filter element.


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Other particulate filter systems depend on high generator loads to create exhaust temperatures.
Wide variations in generator loads often mean that the DPF filter clogs and needs frequent cleanings.
SeaClean uses a superior quality filter catalyst, and controls the exhaust temperature to the filter electronically to give the optimum temperature for filter regeneration.


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